Hi there!

I’m a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer.

Christ follower. Born and raised in Colorado, I live in Denver with my husband Luke, daughter Shiloh and our little dog named Cameron.

My goal is to document love and life in a way that is authentic and timeless. I am passionate about what I do because of how much I value photos of my own family! Time flies, but photographs allow you to take those special moments and keep them forever. How amazing is that?!

Eliza Niforatos //Colorado Wedding Photographer

email elizanif@icloud.com

phone happy to provide after initial email :)


What do you shoot with?

I shoot on Canon cameras and LOVE their system. I have worked with other cameras before but found Canon colors to be the best and stuck with it.

What would you say your style is?

I choose to keep my work timeless. Trends are fun (and they do have a place) but for the most part I like to stick with true to life colors and more organic posing. My goal is to direct in a way that nobody feels awkward or has to ask “What do I do with my hands?!” while keeping it real and not too posey.

Okay I’m interested. What next?

The best way to get the ball rolling would be to send me an email directly to elizanif@icloud.com or by submitting a message through the contact form on my website :)


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